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April Newsletter Archived


Spring is in the air...
Wait, no it's not...yes it is...oops no it's not

Mothers Day is coming and we have reloadable gift cards for that last minute gift for mom.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM – 4PM
Wednesday AND Saturday 10AM – 2PM

Sunday, Monday and Holidays

For more detailed informaton on our classes, click on the blue underlined title. This link to click will provide more in-depth information and registration. 

April Activities

PHD Society Weekday
Thursday and Friday April 18 and 19 10-4

Did you Know??  The Sew Zone (classroom) is available to rent by the day.  It's only $10 per person per day.  We can accomodate up to 10 people.  Create your own mini retreat and enjoy a great space for you and your your friends.




Thursday, May 2nd from 10-4    Cost is only $5

Bring anything you need to work on by hand while you chat and create with fun, friendly and encouraging people.  What can you bring? Applique, binding, hand quilting, English paper piecing, crochet, knitting, rug hooking, embroidery, cross stitch, crewel work, coloring books, beading, diamond painting just to name a few.  July only, the AccuCut will be available along with our light box and projector.  The conference room is on the first floor with a private entrance around the back of the building.


We are currently working on our schedule and planning classes for the masses.

  So, what are we planning?  Summer younger people make it take it workshops.  Sip and Sews, Stay at home retreats, personal free motion lessons, featherweight maintenance workshop and several other fun events.  If you have a group of 3 or more and would like to learn something new we are here for you.  Let us know what you want to learn and we will find the instructor.  Between Leanne, Shari and our volunteers we have a wealth of knowlege and teachering in our hearts.



Enjoy a fun retreat in the Sew Zone.

  Monday, Tuesday, 10-4 Wednesday & Saturday 10-2, Thursday, Friday 10-4

Register now while seats are available.

While Suppy Lasts

Starting in May we will be offering a special "Sharing Stitches Tote" discount of 10%.  Totes are available to purchase for $30, or get a free tote when you spend $150 on merchandise. PLEASE MENTION THIS AT CHECKOUT!

 (Rental and Custom Quilting does not apply)

Two's days All Access Members

Our Innova computerized machine is booked out to July.  In order to try to keep up with demand we are trying something new.  We are splitting Tuesdays into 2 sessions.  8am-11:45am and 12:15-4pm.  We will be contacting everyone who already has a Tuesday appointment to see if you can make adjustments.  After everyone has been contacted you will see the change in the scheduling system.  We will have a dedicated book of patterns that can be done on a twin size or less quilt within the time frame.  

Because the Innova is so busy we are dedicating the machine to members only.  Until Lucy is computerized we have a hold on memberships.  We will keep you updated as we embark upon this new and exciting journey.

Client Quilts

With our machines being as booked as they are, we are not getting client quilts done as fast as we used to.  Shari comes in early and on her days off and Leanne stays quite late trying to get your quilts out as fast as we can.  For many years Shari and now Leanne have tried to have less than a 3 week turn around.  It's now at least 6 weeks or more before we can have a larger or custom quilt done.  What an awesome problem we have to solve!  We want to thank you for your patience and your business as we strive to get your quilts back to you as soon as we can.


Leanne and Shari 

Lucy is in the house!  We are excited to announce that we have a new member of the machine family in the Innova All Access Suite.  It's currently a free motion machine only.  We are planning on upgrading it to a computerized machine in the near future.  In just a few weeks you will be able to schedule with Lucy online.  Shari, Leanne and company will need to get used to the machine for a few weeks first so that we can share our knowledge with you.  Lucy can hold a king size quilt.  We are working out the logistics and doing a lot of rearranging in the All Access Suite.  Computerizing this machine is a Huge $$$$ adventure and of course there's the learning curve as it has a different operating system. 

**When scheduling your appointment it would be helpful to know the approximate size of the quilt you are doing.  This applies to all machines.**

Market analysis shows that we are well below the cost of other shops that rent their machines.  We also don't ask you to take a "longarm university" class before you rent our machines (saving you over $100).  In order for us to help you, we need you to help us.  We are going to be raising our rental prices beginning April 15th from $26.00 to $28.00/hr on the APQS Debbie and the APQS Oscar (as Leanne likes to call it) Most of you are there less than 4hours so that would mean less than $8.00 increase per session. Raising prices is not something we do lightly.  It has taken us at least a year to finally do what we should have done when we moved from Shari's home to the new building two years ago.  We are not just shop owners, we are quilters also.  We want to help you achieve your goals and get value from coming to our shop.  

The current cost of the Innova will hold steady for all current members until next open membership at the end of the year.  There are no more membership opportunities currently available.  We will let you know when membership opens again.

As a side note, we want you to know that it's been over 5 years since we have had a price increase on our rental time.  In that time we have added new groovy boards which are very expensive.  The cost of maintaing and servicing the machines has also gone up.  We just want to reitterate that we do not raise these prices lightly.  It's a very tough business decision for us.  Thank you for understanding and your continual support. 



Please cancel at LEAST 48 hours prior to your appointment if possible.  We have a waiting list, so you cannot exchange your appointment with a friend.  The Innova Computerized machine in now booked into July and our manual machines are filling up fast.

Special of the month

15% Black and/or White
Includes Kits

Be sure to mention the sale at checkout.

Whether you are renting one of our awesome longarm machines, Shari and Leanne are quilting for you or you need help or advise on a quilt project be sure to book your appointment soon. Feel free to stop by during regular hours for your fabric, notions, and gift card needs.

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Don't forget if you want a particular board you should reserve it in the comments section when you schedule.

Sharing Stitches, LLC
492 W. Second St. Suite 201

Xenia, Ohio  45385

Did you read all the way until the end of this newletter?  If so, let us know at check out that you did and receive 30% off one item of your choice.  Some exclusions will apply due to manufacturers not allowing for us to discount any further than we already do.