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July Newsletter


The shop will be closed July 4, 5, and 6 for the holiday.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM – 4PM
Wednesday AND Saturday 10AM – 2PM

Sunday, Monday and Holidays

For more detailed informaton on our events, click on the blue underlined title. This link to click will provide more in-depth information and registration. 

July Activities

PHD Society
Thursday and Friday July 18 and 19 from 10am-4pm
$20 for this session

Saturday and Sunday July 20 and 21 from 10am-4pm
$20 for this session

Feel free to sign up for all four days for $40.  Please note we have been having technical difficulties with online registration so if you have problems registering please contact us via website or stop by and register in person.  We always love to see you!


Did you Know?? 

The Sew Zone (classroom) is available to rent by the day.  It's only $10 per person per day.  We can accomodate up to 10 people.  Create your own mini retreat and enjoy a great space for you and your your friends.



This event runs from Aug. 1 through Sep. 30.  There are several rules all shops must follow so that all shops are equal.  We are currently allowed to take pre-orders for the shop hop fabric.  It's going fast.  We have several magazines available in the shop for purchase.



We often get that question.  There are reasons for our requirements and there are benefits to using quality products like backing and batting. 

Just a heads up on digital prints.  They are getting more and more popular and we love the look of them.  BUT quilting them on the otherhand...well, that's a different story.  Digital prints get 'runs' when the needle pierces them.  There are small white streaks that may happen next to the stitching.  This has been a problem since the beginning of digital prints.  Shari has googled, facebooked, researched, and tested different ideas on how to prevent this from happening.  Nothing can stop these 'runs'.  Not a new needle, not a smaller needle, not misting the fabric with water, and not the tension of the quilt on the machine, etc.  Shari has tried all of the above and nothing helped.  When using digital prints, panels for instance, just be aware that runs will most likely occur.

  Does the following look familiar?  It should because it's part of the information you should receive when scheduling:   
Please be sure your BACKING is at least 12" larger than your top and that does not contain glitter or is of the painted on type.  Your batting is not the Fairfield (Joanne's) brand or Mountain mist.  For your convenience  we also carry quality backing and batting. Although it's not necessary, it's VERY helpful if your backing is prewashed (account for shrinkage) and pressed. Please note that your time starts when you have scheduled your appointment or if you arrive earlier than your scheduled time.

We would like to remind you to book more time than you think you need.  You don't get charged if you don't use it.  If you don't book enough time and someone else is scheduled after you we may take your quilt off the machine and schedule a time for you to come back and finish.  Because we use the zipper system we will send you home with your unfinished quilt still attached to the zippers.  A deposit fee of $20.00 wil be added to your invoice.  The $20.00 will be deducted when the zippers are returned.

As most of you know Sharing Stitches has always been very generous when it comes to hourly rental rates.  

 Lucy and Innova Update

Our Innova computerized machine is booked into September.  The Lucy is still on hold.  It's going to take us time (that we currently don't have) to get her up and running.  Shari is downloading patterns onto the system as best she can.  There is no special training available in our area so we are going to have to learn on our own.  That also takes a lot of time.  We are thankfully a very busy shop with a lot going on.  Unfortunately both Shari and Leanne have had some health issues that have pushed us back on getting the Lucy up and running (among other things).  We can't thank our volunteers enough for stepping in to help us in the shop!!

Reminder:  Because the Innova is so busy we are dedicating the machine to members only.  If you have scheduled the Innova and are not a member we will give you a call and schedule another appointment on one of our APQS machines.

**When scheduling your appointment it would be helpful to know the approximate size of the quilt you are doing.  This applies to all machines.**


Client Quilts (we do it for you) - reminder

With our machines being as booked as they are, we are not getting client quilts done as fast as we used to.  Shari comes in early and on her days off and Leanne stays quite late trying to get your quilts out as fast as we can.  For many years Shari and now Leanne have tried to have less than a 3 week turn around.  It's now at least 6 weeks or more before we can have a larger or custom quilt done.  What an awesome problem we have to solve!  We want to thank you for your patience and your business as we strive to get your quilts back to you as soon as we can.


Leanne and Shari 

 Batting wholesale prices are going up again. We have decided not to increase the retail price to reflect our increase in cost.  We thought it better for our clients if we have our batting always on sale.  Just like our Quilters Select Rulers we are keeping costs down as much as possible for you.

Charges for accepting credit card is also increasing.  We love it when you pay with cash or check.  Paying with cash or check is another way to keep prices down.  Plus you are entered into our random drawing.  This is helpful for all business, not just ours.

Shipping rates are increasing.  We don't often ship products but we very often get products shipped to us.  That increases the overall cost of products that you buy.  Don't be surprised if you see an increase in everything you buy everywhere.

We always strive to be your go to shop for quilting, help, fabric, notions, patterns, and other quilting needs.  We truly appreciate your support in all aspects of our business.

**When scheduling your appointment it would be helpful to know the approximate size of the quilt you are doing.  This applies to all machines.**




Please cancel at LEAST 48 hours prior to your appointment if possible.  We have a waiting list, so you cannot exchange your appointment with a friend.  The Innova Computerized machine in now booked into July and our manual machines are filling up fast.

Special of the month

15% off Red, White and Blue: Jul 1-15
Christmas Fabric: July 15-31

Includes Kits

Be sure to mention the sale at checkout.

Whether you are renting one of our awesome longarm machines, Shari and Leanne are quilting for you or you need help or advise on a quilt project be sure to book your appointment soon. Feel free to stop by during regular hours for your fabric, notions, and gift card needs.

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Don't forget if you want a particular board you should reserve it in the comments section when you schedule.

Sharing Stitches, LLC
492 W. Second St. Suite 201

Xenia, Ohio  45385

Did you read all the way until the end of this newletter?  If so, let us know at check out that you did and receive 30% off one item of your choice.  Some exclusions will apply due to manufacturers not allowing for us to discount any further than we already do.